Whole Food Nutrition Ensures Long-Term Weight Loss
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  • Whole Food Nutrition

    Our main focus is on whole food nutrition, including organic fruits and vegetables, pasture-raised meat and dairy, healthy fats and proper supplementation.  We understand that proper nutrition is the foundation to successful weight loss and a healthy body.

    In addition to teaching our clients the benefits of adopting a nutrient-rich diet composed of whole foods, we utilize the the most nutrient-packed whole food nutrition supplements available on the market today.  These supplements are carefully and precisely managed “from seed to supplement” to ensure the highest quality.  But, these industry-leading vitamins and minerals are NOT available at your local pharmacy, grocery chain or vitamin superstore.  To check out the whole food nutrition supplements we carry, particularly our 21-Day Purification Program, simply click HERE.

    As a direct result of losing weight and maintaining healthy eating habits, we have seen thousands of or clients eliminate illness and disease.  Many of our clients no longer suffer with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, abdominal discomfort, bloating, diabetic nerve pain, headaches or allergies thanks to our unique program.

    Another exceptional benefit to our focus on whole food nutrition is the absence of food cravings while on our program.  When the cells of your body are properly and adequately nourished, your body will not signal your brain that it is hungry! Did you ever eat a large fast-food meal just to find yourself craving even more food in just a short time?  Well… the reason for that is simple.  Filling your belly with a large portion of nutrient-void foods won’t satisfy the nutritional demands of your body.  Therefore, your body cries out to your brain (i.e. hunger) in an attempt to demand more food.  But, if you simply consume more nutrient-void foods, your cravings and hunger will continue to spiral out of control and you will never feel satisfied.

    Sadly, as a nation, we are OVER-fed and UNDER-nourished.  Although our bellies may be full, the cells of our bodies are NOT receiving enough nutrients. So, we remain hungry and eat more and more and more.  This is a major reason why so many of us are overweight or obese.  Focusing on whole food nutrition, on the other hand, can help you eliminate food cravings, emotional eating and weight gain.

    For more information on our multivitamin, Catalyn, which may be responsible for the entire whole food nutrition movement, click HERE.


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