Targeted Unwanted Fat With Photobiomodulation Therapy
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  • Targeted Fat Loss

    Target and Remove Unwanted Fat

    In order to specifically target stubborn, unwanted areas of fat that are resistant to even the most aggressive diets and exercise programs, we utilize an FDA-registered, Class 1 Photobiomodulation device. This device emits 635 nm wavelengths of light which quickly and painlessly pass through the skin and stimulate the adipocytes (fat cells) to release their contents. This ultimately results in reduction of the size of your abdominal region, “love handles” or any other area to which the therapy is applied.

    To explain further, overweight individuals do NOT have an increased number of fat cells in their bodies compared to normal weight individuals. In fact, the number of fat cells in our bodies is genetically pre-determined and remains constant throughout or lifetime. It is the SIZE of the fat cells that differs between normal weight and overweight people. When you are overweight, your fat cells are the size of grapes. However, the fat cells of normal weight individuals are the size of raisins. Photobiomodulation therapy causes the fat cells to empty their contents, thereby reducing their size. This results in size reduction of the area targeted by the therapy because each of the fat cells in that area now contains less fat inside of it.

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    Abdominal Fat Loss – Before & After


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