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    In the same way that every professional athlete needs a coach, you will need a weight loss coach to help you on your journey toward your ideal weight. Remember… no man has ever achieved greatness solely by his own means.

    How many times have you already tried to lose weight on your own and failed? How many other weight loss programs have you tried in the past? Unfortunately, the difficulty you have experienced in losing weight and keeping it off are not uncommon.  Most of the men and women who eventually become our clients have had tremendous difficulty losing weight and/or keeping it off.

    Some clients had previously attempted losing weight by working out at the gym several days per week, while others tried losing weight with diet alone.  Many had tried meal-replacement programs involving unsavory, powdered soups, eggs, and other foods.  And, others wasted large sums of money on the latest pill, potion or lotion being advertised as the new “miracle” weight loss supplement. However, regardless of the program or method they chose, a large majority of these people ultimately regained all their weight (and then some).

    Our approach to long-term weight loss differs significantly from the other weight loss programs in the industry.  We are a non-medical weight loss solution and do not use any treatments or methods that require the use of injections, drugs or surgery.  Furthermore, where others fail to address the underlying behavioral component of your weight loss issue, we focus on eliminating the emotional component of your struggle to maintain your ideal weight.

    In their quest for ultimate success in their respective sports, how successful would Serena Williams (tennis), Arnold Palmar (golf), or Derek Jeter (baseball) have been without a coach?  Without the right weight loss coach to guide you through the entire process, you may never experience long-term success.  To read what some of our clients are saying about our program, click HERE.

    We provide unparalleled weight loss coaching, guidance, and support throughout your entire weight loss program in order to ensure your success.  This includes regular one-on-one meetings, frequent emails and text messages, periodic teleconferences and other unique means to keep you engaged and accountable for your own success.  Our program will help you develop the skills and tools necessary to maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life.

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