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    “After having my children, I felt as if my body never bounced back to its original shape, especially my stomach area. My love handles would spill over the top of my jeans when I put them on. It was very embarrassing. I even avoided buying new clothes because I didn’t like the way anything fit me. I tried losing weight on my own without success. I think the biggest problem was not having any accountability. I like the accountability I got at Advanced Weight Loss Centers. I was able to stay on track. Dr. Anderson was always available to help me when I needed it. I’m very happy with the way my clothes fit me now. My husband is very happy with my results too.”

    -Sandra L.

    51 years old

    Medical Transcriptionist


    “I got a new job that was taking up much of my time and gained lots of weight as a result. I was desperate to lose the weight because I was getting married in just a few months and didn’t want my wedding pictures to forever remind me of how fat I looked! I replied to an ad from Advanced Weight Loss Centers out of desperation. I must say that I lost weight very quickly. I did gain a few pounds back while on my honeymoon, but was able to lose them again pretty easily. I feel like I’ve been given the tools and knowledge to handle my own weight issues from now on. I know exactly what to do if I see that I’ve put on a pound or two.”

    -Mindy S.

    26 years old

    Advertising Sales


    Since starting Dr. Anderson’s program, I haven’t had any food cravings.  I feel like my relationship with food has changed.  I look at foods that I would normally eat and I don’t feel like eating them anymore!

    -Mark C.

    42 years old



    “After giving birth to my son, I tried everything to lose my baby fat. I tried Weight Watchers for a long time, but found that I was actually gaining weight while on their program. As a new mother, I really didn’t have time to spend an hour or two at the gym every other day, so I gave up for a while. Luckily, my friend recommended Advanced Weight Loss Centers. Their program is different than all the others I’ve tried and really helped me lose weight quickly. It’s been 9 months since I finished the program and I have been able to keep the weight off with the advice they have given me.”

    -Rachel D.

    31 years old

    Stay-at-Home Mom


    I feel like this is a more complete program than other weight loss programs I’ve tried.  I’m learning which foods aren’t right for my body and should be avoided.  I’m learning how to lose weight eating regular foods.  I’m starting to see my thoughts about food changing too.  I think that the food sensitivity testing really opened my eyes to how we are all unique and how one size does not fit all when it comes to losing weight.”

    -Margaret P.

    54 years old


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