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  • Eat Out and Still Lose Weight

    Those who know me well know that I love to go out to eat. In fact, if I could start all over again, I'd be a restaurant critic!  I love the entire experience of going out to e

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    Tips for Speeding Up Your Metabolism (and Losing More Weight)

    Metabolism is a term for all of the chemical processes that occur in your body. The faster your metabolism, the more calories your body burns. Metabolism can be affected by

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    Change Your Coffee Routine to Lose Weight and Keep Your Heart Healthy...

    If you want to lose more weight and keep your heart healthy, then read this important post about coffee, fat, and sugar. For decades, the American Medical Association (AMA)

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    What Rubik's Cube Can Teach You About Weight Loss...

    If you think you are just going to try to lose weight again on your own, then the following lesson might be for you... My 10-year old son, Ryan, decided to buy a Rubik's C

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    Eat Fat to Lose Weight

    Remember being told not to eat fat if you are trying to lose weight?  That was perhaps the worst advice that you've ever been given.  At Advanced Weight Loss Centers, we alwa

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